Photo of Matt King

Matt King

Facebook Accessibility Specialist

Matt King joined Facebook’s Accessibility Engineering Team in June 2015 as an accessibility specialist after 25 years at IBM where he most recently served as global technical leader of I/T accessibility for the IBM workplace. In addition to working on Facebook product accessibility, Matt helps drive industry standards for accessibility as a W3C editor and ARIA Authoring Practices taskforce chair. Matt started his career at IBM as an electrical engineer after studying engineering and music at the University of Notre Dame. In 1998, he transformed his part-time avocation of contributing to screen reader development and helping other blind employees overcome accessibility challenges into a profession when he started working on accessibility for IBM’s CIO. As a 3-time Paralympian who has held a world record in tandem track cycling, Matt is passionate about sharing his message that disability is not a reason for expecting less from life or from one another.

Keynote: Is Compliance Boulevard a Road to the Elusive Accessible Web?

Photo of Cyrene Quiamco

Cyrene Quiamco

Snapchat Artist, Founder of @The11thSecond

Cyrene Quiamco is a social media content creator, specialized in Snapchat. Her Snapchat work has received numerous positive recognition and press. Cyrene has over 9 years of professional experience in marketing graphic design which helps her understand and create engaging branded content for the new social platform.

Cyrene was named one of the ‘Most Fascinating people on the Internet’ by Cosmopolitan and ‘Top 10 Best Snapchats’ by NY Mag. Business Insider dubbed her as a 'Top Snapchat Star.’ She's been nominated for a 2015 Streamy Award for Short Form Creativity and a finalist for a 2015 Shorty Award for Snapchatter of the Year.

Pre-Conference Workshop: Snapchat 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Hottest Social Media

Keynote: Don't Be a Web Designer

Photo of Saron Yitbarek

Saron Yitbarek

Founder of CodeNewbie

Saron Yitbarek is the founder of CodeNewbie, the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. She’s also host of the weekly CodeNewbie Podcast, new episodes every Monday.

Keynote: Lucky

Photo of Christina Aldan

Christina Aldan


Christina is a TEDx speaker and entrepreninja whose company, LG Designs, offers small and micro businesses brand consulting and creative content for everyday media. With over a decade of experience in digital advertising, Christina is highly regarded for her approach to business, partnering with clients to find unique strategies that ensure their advertising goals are met.

Breakout Session: Emotional Intelligence in Design

Photo of Ben Bilow

Ben Bilow


As an expert in human experience and visual design, Ben sets the creative direction and drives all creative facets of our projects. He leads mStoner's designers to create simple, honest communications and beautiful, working designs that inspire happiness.

Pre-Conference Workshop: Head and Heart: The Art and Science of Digital Storytelling

Photo of Joe Allen-Black

Joe Allen-Black


Joe joined Palantir in 2015 as a project manager and now is working as a web strategist, helping clients shape their sites and projects. Formerly from the newsroom of Boston.com, Joe's experience with management, analytics, and strategy allows him to guide sites to successful outcomes. This presentation is the way to bring together a few of his favorite things—time with Allison, Idina Menzel (prominent Broadway star), and sprint planning.

Breakout Session: Project Management: The Musical!

Photo of Anthony Antonicello

Anthony Antonicello


Anthony has spent over a decade in digital marketing and business development, consulting with B2B and B2C companies, ranging from start-ups to FORTUNE 500 corporations. He is a veteran in finding innovative solutions to help clients acquire and retain more customers. His hands-on business experience, cutting edge insights, and background in sales and marketing culminate in a speaker and trainer who leaves every audience armed with powerful strategies and tactics. With his current firm, Delivra, Anthony regularly helps his clients overcome their marketing challenges and achieve their business goals.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Anthony is a bourbon enthusiast and maintains allegiance to the teams of his alma mater, the University of Kentucky. He resides with his wife and two fur-babies, Moose and Beans. He has served as a member and leader for various organizations, including the St. Matthew’s Young Leaders, American Heart Association, Best Buddies International, and Sales & Marketing Executives International.

Breakout Session: How to Grow Your Tribe by Integrating Email Marketing With Your Social Media Efforts

Photo of Melissa Archuleta

Melissa Archuleta

Aten Design Group

Melissa is a digital marketing and communications strategist and has worked with some of the top nonprofit organizations in the U.S. including Planned Parenthood, The California Endowment, and Obama for America. She sees value in online community building and using digital and social media communications strategies to build brand awareness and increase online engagement and influence for her clients. She has a knack for developing an authentic and compelling brand voice and has a forte for creating unique campaigns that incite a positive groundswell of public opinion. She has given digital communications trainings to Campaign for a Strong Colorado, Rose Community Foundation, Drupal Camp Colorado, and grassroots organization Sex, Politics and Cocktails.

Breakout Session: Connect, Cultivate, Hook

Photo of Eric Barnard

Eric Barnard


Eric works as a senior front-end engineer at Granular. He gets to spend most of his days working with engineering teams to architect beautiful, performant web applications that help make agricultural producers more efficient and profitable.

Hailing from the heartland of Indiana, Eric graduated from Purdue University before beginning a journey of working for software startups and consultancies. He hopes his unique experience of growing up on the family farm, along with his passion in software, allows him to bring a fresh perspective to software development and the ag industry.

When Eric isn’t working, he enjoys long walks on the beach and using power tools.

Breakout Session: 300k+ Lines of JavaScript: The Life of a Front-End Developer

Photo of Kevin Beck

Kevin Beck

Country Financial

Recently Kevin was the Digital Architect of Mobile Experience Standards for a Fortune 50 company. He has over 20 years of work history in digital strategy and development. Using a balance of empathetic engagement and proven methodologies, Kevin doggedly surfaces the desires of the user. This passion for showing companies how to build user centered solutions sometimes passionately surfaces when attempting to understand new rental car blue-tooth syncing mysteries and struggling through awkward restaurant menus. Kevin is currently an advocate for the pragmatic needs of financial field agents. He strives to have their experiences and voices reflected in the design and development of the utilities and tools that will become centrally critical to their daily process. Kevin plays guitar in a drafty old house in Bloomington, IL. His family and two well-behaved rescue dogs suffer his well-intended insights about all the poorly designed experiences in his world.

Breakout Session: I've Got This Stack of Papers: The Case for Ethnographic User Experience Practices

Photo of Toni Bird

Toni Bird

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Toni has worked at Stanford University since 2004 in many roles related to digital marketing and product management. Good ideas are everywhere, but good products are rare. Toni's mission is to do what it takes to nurture good ideas, make them stronger through collaboration and clear communication, and launch them into beautiful, effective, and impactful digital products. This process is rarely smooth or simple and requires constant communication with a core compelling narrative structure to keep the team(s) moving forward and in alignment. In her spare time, she takes photos of ordinary and extraordinary people as owner of ToniBird Photography.

Breakout Session: Life After Launch: The Delicate Art of Governing a Website

Photo of Ron Bronson

Ron Bronson

Practical Starship

Ron is a trusted advisor for digital transformation, marketing, and strategy for senior stakeholders across higher education, government, and beyond.

With a decade of experience leading large-scale, award-winning interactive teams across silos, Ron is passionate about the intersection where customer experience, business goals, and common sense meet.

Breakout Session: Content Flocking; Managing Migration

Photo of Virgil Carroll

Virgil Carroll

High Monkey

Virgil is the owner and president of High Monkey, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He also wears the multiple “hats” of principle human solutions architect and SharePoint architect. He is one of those rare individuals who can dive deeply into technical topics while speaking clearly to the business owners of a project, and never forgetting that the end user experience has the highest priority. He calls it using both sides of his brain.

Virgil is passionate about leveraging technologies “out of the box” as much as possible with a focus on the strategic use of content to create websites that deliver the right content to the right audience on the right device at the right time. He brings high energy, an ironic wit, and a sense of grounded perspective whenever he speaks to an audience. He regularly speaks at conferences and user groups throughout the United States and occasionally in Europe.

Breakout Session: Why Search Sucks (and Understanding What It Takes to Fix It)

Photo of Chris Coughlan

Chris Coughlan

Aten Design Group

Chris is the lead UX architect and has extensive experience working with a variety of web-enabled information systems. She has always enjoyed what librarians call the reference interview–it's about understanding who you're talking to and what information they seek. She works with stakeholders to interpret user needs, strategic objectives, and content to anticipate the user's needs before a first interaction takes place. Chris has worked with inspiring organizations such as Human Rights Watch, UC Berkeley, and the World Wildlife Fund to create systems that focus on the user and further the organization's goals. She has spoken at NTC, Design4Drupal, Special Libraries Association events, and DrupalCon.

Breakout Session: Connect, Cultivate, Hook

Photo of Wes Cravens

Wes Cravens

Moxigen LLC

Wes has over 20 years of experience building and shipping software systems. He's been a builder and advocate for browser-based applications since the mid 1990's. Although Wes is a technologist keen to stay aware of emerging technologies, he's not one to be distracted by "the next big thing."

Wes is currently working as a consultant at Moxigen to help start-ups and growth stage companies build solid software foundations, his motto being "build products, not prototypes."

Pre-Conference Workshop: Web Components

Breakout Session: Progressive Web Applications

Photo of Matthew Del Fiacco

Matthew Del Fiacco

Country Financial

Matt is a UX specialist with a passion for language and human-computer interaction. Matt currently works for Country Financial in Bloomington, Illinois, as a user experience analyst where he focuses on applying cognitive linguistics and ethnography to interface design.

Matt is currently pursuing his master's in Technical Writing and Professional Rhetoric from Illinois State University.

Breakout Session: I've Got This Stack of Papers: The Case for Ethnographic User Experience Practices

Photo of Meg Dickinson

Meg Dickinson

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Meg is associate director of communications and marketing in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, where she handles social media, website content and many tasks related to student recruitment. She's an alumna of Bradley University and the iSchool at Illinois. Before working on campus, she spent almost seven years working as a reporter at The News-Gazette, and still writes a cooking column called Meg Makes. She also enjoys running and spending time with her husband and Peruvian-American dog, Milou.

Breakout Session: How to Create Engaging Videos for Social Without Losing Your Sanity

Photo of Tyler Edwards

Tyler Edwards


Tyler is a graphic designer at Pixo in Urbana, Illinois, who sincerely delights in the marriage of form and function through responsive web design. He is also a husband to his best friend and a father to his first son.

Breakout Session: Responding to Responsive Web Design

Photo of Donnie Forti

Donnie Forti

Northern Illinois University

Donnie Forti is a web expert at Northern Illinois University for the Office of Web & Internal Communications and the national Association for Black Culture Centers. Prior to joining NIU, he worked as a producer, content manager and internet director at television stations in Wisconsin and Minnesota. He holds a B.A. from Knox College and an M.S. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He completed an internship at Wisconsin Public Radio and earned a Carnegie Fellowship with ABC News in New York. Attending the Web Con reminds him of his wedding, which was held at the I Hotel. In his free time, he enjoys running, playing the drums and volunteering.

Breakout Session: It's All About the Process: A Step-by-Step Plan for Successful Sites and Satisfied Clients

Photo of John Gallagher

John Gallagher

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

John is a visiting assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He teaches web development, professional and workplace writing, and digital rhetoric. His research focuses on participatory audiences, templates, and internet technologies. He is currently writing a book, tentatively titled The Continuing Conversation: The Update Culture of Online Writing. He has been published in Written Communication, Computers and Composition, and Transformations: the Journal of Inclusive Pedagogy.

Breakout Session: Managing Cycles of Content

Photo of Fred Galoso

Fred Galoso


Fred is a software developer for Trello. Trusted by millions of people and companies of all kinds and sizes, Trello is a visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project. Prior to Trello, Fred led data and analytics efforts at Dwolla and has spoken at national and regional conferences about software engineering, data architecture, and visualization.

Breakout Session: Refactor Like a Scientist

Photo of Lori Gold Patterson

Lori Gold Patterson


Lori graduated with her degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois and spent the first 10 years of her career in corporate America where she managed enterprise IT projects and re-engineered processes and products. Lori co-founded Pixo, a software engineering consulting firm, in 1998 to create a different kind of business environment based on unconditional respect and trust and one that would provide a place where she and a diverse body of employees could achieve greatness without compromising their values and their families. This experiment has proven that work-life balance and success can go hand in hand. Being raised enmeshed in the black community and raising three racially and religiously diverse children with her childhood sweetheart, Lori has a somewhat unique perspective on cultural inclusion. She brings this perspective into the operations of her company and the consulting she does for hundreds of startups and established organizations.

Breakout Session: Diversity & Inclusion: Why You Want It and How To Get It

Photo of Jon Gunderson

Jon Gunderson

University of Illinois

Dr. Gunderson is the Coordinator of Assistive Communication and Information Technology Accessibility in the Division of Disability Resources and Education Services (DRES). He is responsible for computer and information technology accessibility issues for students with disabilities at the University of Illinois. He is the past chair of the W3C User Agent Working Group and currently involved in making dynamic HTML more accessible as part of the W3C Protocols and Formats and W3C WCAG Techniques working groups. He is the primary software developer of the open source OpenAjax Accessibility Evaluation library and Functional Accessibility Evaluator 2.0 (FAE). He has taught numerous online courses and workshops on accessible web design including courses on using the new W3C Accessible Rich Internet Application (ARIA) specifications to create accessible web applications. He leads both regional and national consortiums of higher educational institutions to promote and collaborate on Information technology access issues to people with disabilities.

Breakout Session: Using the W3C ARIA Authoring Practices Guide 1.1 to Build Accessible Web Resources

Photo of Stephanie Henry

Stephanie Henry

College of ACES

Stephanie Henry is a journalist, and serves as a news writer and communicator for the College of ACES. She helps researchers communicate about their research to the media and the public and other “non-scientist” audiences. In her words, “Over the last few years, we have had many researchers in our college who are either very interested in using social media as a place to talk about their research, or others who are reluctant or skeptical. I am excited when I can help them find the right venue—whether it is through press releases or Twitter posts—where they engage with others about what they do.” In her free time, Stephanie likes taking photos, hanging out with her two redheaded sons, or listening to music outdoors.

Breakout Session: #askACES: A No-Budget Solution to Sharing Research on Social Media

Photo of Shay Howe

Shay Howe


As a designer and front-end developer, Shay has a passion for solving problems while building creative and intuitive products. He specializes in product design, interface development, and organizational leadership, areas in which he regularly writes and speaks about. Currently, he is the VP of Product at Yello, helping companies deliver the ultimate hiring experience. Additionally, he co-founded Lead Honestly to help managers actively engage with their employees. Elsewhere, he is a partner at Prota Ventures, co-founder at Chicago Camps, board member at DESIGNATION, and author of "Learn to Code HTML and CSS."

Breakout Session: Yes, Designer, You CAN Be a Product Leader

Photo of Quinton Jason Jr.

Quinton Jason Jr.


Quinton is a web developer based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He works at Xdesign where he focuses on the front end, particularly CSS and SVG. When he's away from the computer, Quinton loves spending time with his family, whether it's going to taekwondo lessons with his daughters or walks in downtown Baton Rouge.

Breakout Session: Use SVG to Bring the Web to Life

Photo of Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson

Columbia College Chicago

Lauren is an interactive designer by trade, educator by heart. She began her career as a developer, before pivoting to front-end and UI design, and finally to experience design and theory. She teaches a variety of classes at Columbia College Chicago in the Interactive Arts & Media program, including Interface Design, Information Architecture, and Conversational Interfaces. She coordinates the Interaction Design degree, and teaches the capstone courses on collaborative development, introducing students to real stakes projects with clients that add value and good to the world (Easter Seals, Special Olympics, The Red Cross). When she's not at her computer, she uses her prototyping skills to sew magnificent Halloween costumes for her two kids and fix up her 100-year-old farmhouse.

Breakout Session: Better Teams, Better Products with Empathy

Photo of Bryan Jonker

Bryan Jonker

College of Education

Bryan has been working at the University of Illinois for a few years, helping set up the new College of Education website. He has been developing in C#/.NET for a while now, but he's done stints in Java, VB, classic ASP, and other languages. He likes usable websites, elegant code, and cats.

Breakout Session: Bet on the Hare: Speeding Up Your Website

Photo of Rachel Krause

Rachel Krause


Rachel is a UX/UI designer at Centare, a software development company focused on delivering custom software in an agile environment. She believes the best user experiences come out of collaboration and every member of a scrum team has a voice in how the design will be implemented. Rachel is an advocate for keeping the UX process lightweight and meaningful, only doing what is necessary to move the team forward.

When not UXing, Rachel enjoys conquering her fear of heights while rock climbing (safely attached to a rope), and she is not ashamed to admit her crazy cat lady status while hanging out with her 2 favorite furballs, Butters and Tweak.

Breakout Session: Incorporating Lean UX Practices Into the Development Process

Photo of Jay Kreibich

Jay Kreibich

Turn, Inc

Jay has been a professional software engineer for 20 years, specializing in large-scale, high-transaction systems and databases. He currently works at Turn, a programmatic advertising tech company, on the platform team that is responsible for designing and maintaining Turn's core infrastructure, which averages more than three million transactions per second. Beyond software engineering, Jay has had a long-standing relationship with O'Reilly Media (the animal book people). In addition to technical reviewing a number of books and articles, he wrote the book "Using SQLite." Outside of work, Jay is a serious amateur photographer that enjoys teaching and writing about the technical aspects of modern, digital photography. Along with his wife and two sons, he is also very active in the local Tae Kwon Do academy, and hopes to test for his black belt in 2017.

Breakout Session: An Intro to Google Protobufs for Web APIs

Photo of Eric Kurt

Eric Kurt

Undergraduate Library Media Commons

Eric is the media commons coordinator in the Undergraduate Library Media Commons, where he runs multiple video and audio studios and media creation consultation services. He has a bachelor's and master's degree in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University. He was the Academic Department Director for the Art Institute of Indianapolis, was an instructor for IUPUI and Purdue University, as well as worked as a 3D modeler and technologist for a startup in Indiana. He currently lives in Bloomington, Illinois, with his wife and two daughters.

Breakout Session: How to Create Engaging Videos for Social Without Losing Your Sanity

Photo of Mark Lassoff

Mark Lassoff


Mark is the founder and president of LearnToProgram Media and Punk Learning. Mark’s company has taught over 800,000 software, web, and mobile developers online, in the corporate classroom, and in secondary schools across the country. Previous to founding LearnToProgram, Mark started several companies in the Austin, Texas area and continues to promote entrepreneurship and computer science. He is an in-demand speaker and has traveled the world to teach programming techniques and technologies. Mark has authored eight books on programming. He lives on the Connecticut coast, where he is in the process of redecorating his condo. Want to help?

Breakout Session: Visual Literacy for the Web

Photo of Andrew Malek

Andrew Malek


Andrew is a UI developer and occasional designer at NCR, focusing on POS (point-of-sale) and clienteling solutions. He has two decades of development experience in languages such as JavaScript, Visual Basic, Python, and C, and will admit to having developed a content management solution with Delphi and Perl if backed into a corner.

Breakout Session: Why Nobody Fills Out My Forms

Photo of Allison Manley

Allison Manley


Allison is a recovering (and award-winning) designer who applies her creative skills to Palantir’s marketing and sales management processes. Her diverse, multi-disciplinary background—which in addition to design includes publishing, podcasting, and skating—contributes to strong client relationships to which she offers uncommon perspective. Allison received her BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, with a major in Graphic Design.

Breakout Session: Project Management: The Musical!

Photo of Holly Nicholson

Holly Nicholson

Northern Illinois University

In her ten years as an employee at Northern Illinois University, Holly has held roles in graphic design, social media management, and web design, as well as staff council leadership. She has experience in communication, information architecture, policy writing, shared governance, and process analysis. Most recently, she was integral in the university’s process improvement efforts for web communications, which used the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

Breakout Session: It's All About the Process: A Step-by-Step Plan for Successful Sites and Satisfied Clients

Photo of Tim Offenstein

Tim Offenstein

Technology Services

Tim Offenstein is Lead Information Design Specialist in the Quality Assurance and Assessment group of Technology Services at Illinois. He has served on campus forever in one capacity or another dealing with the web, concentrating on IT accessibility for the past 10-12 years. He has taught "Web Design for Organizations" through the School of Information Sciences and also co-teaches "Information Accessibility Design and Policy" (AHS-494) for the College of Applied Health Sciences. Tim is an U.S. approved consultant on web accessibility, helping counties across the nation stay out of trouble with the Department of Justice.

Breakout Session: Responsive Accessible Design ‐ An Oxymoron?

Photo of Daniel O'Neil

Daniel O'Neil

The Understanding Group

Daniel is a pure analyst. His greatest pleasure is teasing out core truths from complex systems, then developing patterns, principles, and metrics that help people manage those systems better. Daniel has worked in the publishing, mortgage, pharmaceutical, and online advertising industries. On this journey, he’s helped companies with online marketing strategy, web analytics, business process modeling, strategic planning, and software development. Daniel holds a master's degree in Psychology from the University of Michigan.

Breakout Session: Measuring the Unmeasurable: Strategic Analytics for Universities

Photo of Manny Patrick

Manny Patrick

The International School of Hospitality

After a life-changing moment in November of 2015, once-upon-a-time party guy, Manny Patrick, made an absolute decision to change his life for the better. He started by taking advice of those people whom he knew were living the lives he dreamed of day in and day out. Manny looked around for support and tools that would help him change out his old behavioral patterns. He was very successful in doing so and came back with a force behind him stronger than ever. Manny built a new way of living, and in that, found joy in every moment. He now is a sought-after transformation coach, speaker, author, and podcast host.

Breakout Session: Emotional Intelligence in Design

Photo of Jeremy Perkins

Jeremy Perkins


Jeremy excels at idea generation, interface design, and production. Rooted in the heritage of graphic design and fluent with technology, Jeremy is known for his creative excellence, responsive design expertise and attention to usability. He has 13 years in the industry and is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology.

Breakout Session: Web Accessibility: Why It Needs to Be On Your "To-Do" List Today

Photo of Cory Rylan

Cory Rylan

Vintage Software

Cory is a senior front-end engineer at Vintage Software, as well as an Angular Boot Camp instructor. He specializes in creating fast, scalable, and responsive web applications.

Breakout Session: Beginner Reactive Programming with RxJS

Photo of August Schiess

August Schiess

Coordinated Science Laboratory

August, a communications coordinator at the Coordinated Science Lab at the University of Illinois, enjoys using writing, design, photography, web content strategy, videography, and social media to effectively reach CSL's target audience and showcase leading-edge science and technology research. She received a bachelor's in English Publishing Studies from Illinois State University, and is working toward a master's in Advertising from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Breakout Session: How to Create Engaging Videos for Social Without Losing Your Sanity

Photo of Jennifer Shike

Jennifer Shike

College of ACES

Jennifer is the director for communications and marketing in the College of ACES at the University of Illinois. She is responsible for facilitating the development of communications and marketing strategies, managing the college’s branding strategy, and serving as editor of the college’s magazine, ACES@Illinois. In 2013, she received the University of Illinois Innovation in Marketing Award. She also serves as the Illini Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow advisor and serves as the national secretary of the National Agricultural Alumni and Development Association and as member of the Livestock Publications Council Board of Directors. She is a graduate of Kansas State University where she majored in Agricultural Journalism and Communications and Animal Sciences. She, and her husband, Dr. Dan Shike, live in Sadorus, Illinois, with their 10-year-old daughter, Olivia; 8-year-old son, Hunter; and 2-year-old daughter, Harper.

Breakout Session: #askACES: A No-Budget Solution to Sharing Research on Social Media

Photo of Shelly Stringer

Shelly Stringer


Shelly facilitates excellent communication and collaboration across mStoner and client project teams. She is highly involved with the development of deliverables in brand, web, print, and social media strategies and serves as a day-to-day point of contact for our clients.

Pre-Conference Workshop: Head and Heart: The Art and Science of Digital Storytelling

Photo of John Tubbs

John Tubbs

College of Business

John starts his 20th year at the University of Illinois as a pioneering digital learning producer. His work spans MOOC scale video, large campus live streaming events, producing over 200 conferences and lectures, nationally released foreign language radio programming, producing audio for award winning children's websites, and online curriculum development.

In addition to producing education content, John has led instructional activities across campus. This includes advising the development of the Undergraduate Library Media Commons, and teaching video storytelling in the Ethnography of the University Initiative and the International Business Program. Lastly, John was a steering committee member with the Center for Multimedia Excellence that brought the Kaltura video platform to the Illinois campus.

John continues his focus on digital learning infrastructure development with the building of three studios in the College of Business to support its groundbreaking online MBA program. The newest live online teaching studio debuted in October of 2016.

Breakout Session: Building a Global Teaching Studio

Photo of Jennifer Vance-Hutchinson

Jennifer Vance-Hutchinson

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Breakout Session: Life After Launch: The Delicate Art of Governing a Website

Photo of Brian Walk

Brian Walk

Northern Illinois University

Brian Walk earned a B.F.A. in Visual Communication and an M.S.Ed. in Instructional Technology from Northern Illinois University (NIU). He also holds a Certificate of Graduate Study in Geographic Information Analysis from NIU, and is a Certified Usability Analyst through Human Factors International. He was first hired as a graphics and web interface designer in NIU’s Division of Administration and Outreach and Regional Development in 2001, where he worked for nearly 15 years. In July 2016, he began his new role in NIU’s Division of Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communications.

Breakout Session: It's All About the Process: A Step-by-Step Plan for Successful Sites and Satisfied Clients

Photo of Jeff Winesett

Jeff Winesett


Jeff has 15 years of experience building large-scale, web-based applications, and has spent the past several years building them on top of Amazon Web Services. He is a strong proponent of using cloud-based services to strengthen the offering of web-based applications, and is a Certified Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect. He frequently presents on, writes about, and builds upon AWS services as often as possible.

Pre-Con Workshop: Get Your Head in the Clouds: Exploring the Landscape of AWS Services

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