Leveraging Single Sign-On data to Deliver Customized Institutional Services

Friday, April 8, 11:00am-12:00pm

Our campus single sign-on (SSO) tool is more than just an authentication tool. It can convey robust user data (name, major/minor, current courses, student/faculty/staff status, etc.) to authorized applications. This brings with it the possibility of creating applications tailored to the needs of particular user communities. At our institution, we have used this feature to develop a customized library web portal, MyGuide, that gives users easy access to the most relevant research resources for the classes, majors, and departments that a user is associated with. By pairing the SSO data with our subject-coded lists of librarians, databases, and research guides, each user sees an array of resources most relevant to their needs.

In this talk, we will examine the kinds of data we get from our SSO provider and show how we use it to build a customized resource for our library. We will also share the open-source code we've developed.

Although the particular application we will share is specific to an academic library, the concept could be applied to any application in which knowing various attributes of a user's profile (e.g. department within an organization, student vs. staff, etc.) could make a difference in how we present information to the user.


  • Ken Irwin

    Web Services Librarian, Miami University