The State of Digital Marketing in Higher Ed

Friday, April 8, 9:45-10:45am

Have you ever wondered how your digital marketing budget compares to that of your peers? Your competitors? Are you curious about how to best structure your marketing and communications office to keep up with an evolving digital landscape?

In 2020, mStoner conducted a survey to help improve higher ed's understanding of digital marketing services, goals, and resource allocation at colleges and universities. We explored how institutions organize themselves for digital marketing, who executes the work, how they fund it, and how they use various platforms.

What did we learn? That there's tremendous opportunity for digital marketing to grow on campuses across the US. Join Daniella Nordin, Director of Marketing at mStoner, as she shares digital marketing insights from more than 100 colleges and universities.

You'll learn:
- How much institutions spend on digital marketing.
- Institutional advertising goals for social media and paid search.
- Where institutions advertise on social media.
- Key insights into advanced digital marketing strategies including influencer marketing, OTT advertising, and social listening.