Building a web component library: tools and techniques

Friday, April 8, 1:15-2:15pm

In 2020, a group of designers and developers from UIUC began work on a library of web components, reusable pre-made building blocks for creating websites. Our goal was to make it easier for everyone on campus to build sites that were accessible, usable, and on brand. Since then, we've launched several versions of this library across multiple platforms, and we've discovered tools and developed techniques that can help you build a component library of your own, no matter the size of your team.

We'll walk you through the development process for a new component, from design to implementation to release. We'll demonstrate the automated testing tools that help us maintain the usability and accessibility of the library, and the deployment system that makes new features available first to testers and ultimately to users across campus. And we'll point out the tips, tricks, and traps we encountered along the way.


  • Matt Sharkey

    Front End Developer, Office of Strategic Marketing & Branding, UIUC