When Things Go Wrong: The User Experience of Error Handling

Thursday, April 7, 9:45-10:45am

"Murphy was an optimist."

The design of a website or application often focuses on creating a delightful user experience when people, for example, subscribe to a newsletter, enter purchase information for a product or service, or search through records consisting of customer contact data or invoices or menu items at a restaurant.

However, what if things don't follow the ""happy path""? Despite the best of intentions, edge cases and error conditions occur due to user error, such as a mistyped credit card number or email address, system errors, such as incorrectly configured servers or program bugs, or connectivity issues to the Internet or third-party services. How our creations handle these issues - if they handle them at all - can make the difference between a slightly annoyed but understanding user, or one that might decide to seek out your competitors.