Moving the needle: How to translate basic market research into a multi-phase awareness campaign

In this workshop we’ll draw from our own journey developing a strategic, multi-faceted campaign. As we share our process, we’ll touch on a variety of recommendations and tools, including: identifying key takeaways and opportunities in the survey data; socializing that information with stakeholders; bringing together strategic partners for brainstorming and idea generation; the importance of understanding a diverse audience with empathy (including their motivations and goals); using a creative brief format to outline a three-phase campaign structure; generating additional opportunities for stakeholder and strategic partner input; identifying low-hanging fruit – what can be done now to begin moving the needle – and recognizing where further market research needs to be conducted. Our presentation will include specific examples as well as tools we used for brainstorming, collaboration, etc.

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Day 1 Sessions
In this workshop Kristin Tennant and Jamie Hedrick draw from their journey developing a strategic, multi-faceted campaign.

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