Michael Harshbarger

Senior Accessibility Trainer
Deque Systems Inc.

Session: Future Trends and Innovations in Accessibility
Time: April 5, 1:30 pm

For Michael, accessibility is both a professional and personal passion. Having family members with disabilities, Michael understands deeply the challenges they face in an unequal world. Before joining Deque, he spent 20+ years at State Farm Insurance. In growing from developer to project manager and finally program manager, he was involved in many of their critical accessibility efforts. His personal connection to the disability community and real-world experience with driving accessibility as a standard corporate practice inform his work with customers. Two fundamental principles guide Michael’s life: to leave the world a better place than he found it and to be the individual that his dog believes him to be. He has found that making the world a more accessible place is one important thing he can do to live by those principles.

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